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About us

BILJETT NU is a registered company established in 1998 and located in the city of Stockholm, in Sweden. We are engaged in the service of providing premium seating and hard-to-get tickets to popular events, including sold-out ones. Our aim is to make your experience an excellent one.

We sell, buy, and trade tickets to concerts, shows, plays, musicals, and sports events in Sweden and Europe. If you on this website cannot find the event you are interested in please give us a call!

Biljett Nu is an independent company engaged in the service of finding and providing hard-to-get tickets to popular events in a free and fluctuating market. Therefore prices may vary from time to time and may be higher as well as lower than the face value printed on the ticket. (The number of tickets to an event provided by Biljett Nu is in general less than 1% of the total number of tickets released.)

Since Biljett Nu is not affiliated with any box office or venue we are not responsible for the presentation, performance, quality, or content of an event. The venue will handle all matters concerning refunds due to a cancelled performance. Biljett Nu does not refund tickets when an event is cancelled. (Refunds do not include service or distribution fees.)